YouMatter works with young people to build their self-esteem and help them to develop an understanding of their true value and worth.

We run workshops with thousands of young people in Jersey every year to inspire them to make healthy and positive choices about their lives and relationships.

What people say

"YouMatter have a successful track record of conquering the tough challenges that face young people today by applying their skills and knowledge. The lessons are creative, interactive, relevant and smart. We have seen first-hand their commitment to improving PSHE education for all young people in Jersey."

Caroline David
Head of Personal and Emotional Development, Jersey College for Girls

"It was good to talk to someone other than a teacher or parent because it can be awkward talking about this stuff and seeing the person every day."


"The content has been very high-quality, organised, and delivered to target specific areas of the curriculum which students need help and advice with. The sessions are delivered with an exceptional level of professionalism and are well-planned and engaging."

Stuart McSherry
Teacher in charge of the Core Programme, Hautlieu School

'It helped me understand that I matter."


"YouMatter's sessions are always well-planned and pitched at an appropriate level. The way that they continually review their work, and their use of new content and updated resources is exemplary of the best practice in PSHE."

Nina Stier
Head of PSHE, Le Rocquier School

"I feel that the sessions we had with YouMatter were really beneficial and I have learnt a lot about relationships. I would really recommend schools to get YouMatter to come in as they were amazing! Thank you."



How can I support?

YouMatter is entirely funded by our generous donors.